October 22, 2006

The results of the Welfare State

The Devils Kitchen points me to a story in the Daily Mail by the Police blogger that goes by the pseudonym PC David Copperfield, writing about his work he says:
Take a call I had recently. 'A 12-year-old girl has been missing for a few days,' said my radio. 'Please attend the address.' I tried to get the details from her mum and mum's partner but this was a bit difficult over the noise of daytime television.

I wasn't getting anywhere so I set off. My first call was to the girl's school — and there she was. I returned to the house — some 800 yards from the school. 'She's at school, she's fine,' I said. 'That's no good,' said her mum, one eye on the TV. 'I want her back here.'
I have to agree with this commenter on DK's blog:
Women like this are the product of 60 years of the welfare state. She does not lack education as Neil Harding suggests, she has learned every lesson that her socialist mentors have taught her. Not only has she learned the theory, but her practical application of the theory is flawless.
And what she has learned is that the state is there it pander to her whims. She can ignore her responsibilities, as so long as she does the state will take care of them for her.

It doesn't matter that she is pulling her child out of school to satisfy a casual interest. That she is therefore reducing her child's best means of getting a better life. No she wants it, so she must have it. But she does not want to be distracted from her life of daytime TV and nightclubs either, so she gets the police to do it for her. It doesn't matter that they might have better things to do than run around after somebody so lazy that she cannot be bothered to walk down the street to check herself. The state has always been there to pander to all her other needs so it will pander to this one.

Just another person trained into savagery by the Welfare State.


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